Custom Wedding Guest Book Ideas

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When it comes to weddings, my favorite decorations are those the couple cannot only use to personalize their day, but can cherish in their home afterwards, for many years to come.

It’s always fun to see beautiful engagement photos sprinkled around a wedding reception, but why not have a little fun with those photos and display them in a more unique way?

I just love mixing old with new and wanted to create a whimsical guestbook table, sprinkled with vintage finds and some modern romance.  Today I am sharing 3 custom wedding guest book ideas, and decorations that you can use or display in your home even after your big day! Let’s face it, weddings can be expensive and lots of decorations get tossed out or given away, so why not use personalized details that can double up as keepsakes and functional decorations for your home?

Wedding Guest Book Plate

The first custom wedding guest book idea is a personalized photo plate. You can add any photo {or even upload an image of your favorite love quote} and then customize it even further with your names, wedding date, etc.  After the wedding you could display this on your mantel or add it to a decorative plate wall.


You can spruce up your guest book pens or markers with some fabric tape. It’s super easy to do and your options are limitless. Don’t forget to make sure they are waterproof and permanent.



For a whimsical touch you can hang bottles or vases from thrifted frames using fishing line, and fill them with flowers. You could even hang “floating” photos from the frames as well.



Don’t be afraid to think outside the frame when it comes to photos. Shop your home to find unique ways to display them on your wedding reception tables. This “Love” photo frame insert is so beautiful and although you can purchase the frame separately, you can also find creative ways to display it. I took an old elephant decoration, painted it coral and then placed the photo within the tusks and trunk {see it here}.  Voila, a new photo frame!


The Shutterfly desk organizer is a great way to display your guest book pens, and you can customize it with any photo you like as well. This pen holder actually came in a really pretty cherry wood color but I added some gold spray paint to have it match the rest of the guest book table a bit more. What I love most about this pen holder is that you can later use it in your office, how awesome is that?



Why not use a customized monogram table runner on your guest book table as another way to display your engagement photos? Even it could be used as a guestbook…


Wedding Guest Book Puzzle

Another wedding guest book idea is to use a custom photo puzzle. Guests can sign the back of the pieces and how much fun would it be to put it together on a future date night, while reading the notes left by your guests? Not to mention if you have kids this is something they can enjoy down the road as well.


The puzzles come in 2 sizes, 60 pieces and 252 pieces and you can place them inside a jar or box for guests to toss in. So whether you are having an intimate wedding or a much larger one, you have options!


Who says tablecloths are only for tables? I glued some pom poms on a couple and then used them as a backdrop. After the wedding, you can use them in your home as curtains or tablecloths. I actually use these in my home office :)


I’m a sucker for succulents in tea cups, what about you?



I may be a little obsessed with gold and polka dots right now, but how awesome is this dotted desktop plaque?! I LOVE this and even created a FREE 8×10 Love Quote Printable that you can download here. Although I used this plaque to display one of my favorite quotes, you can customize it with any of your favorite photos.



To add more color to the table I painted some old candlesticks in turquoise and gold, and then covered styrofoam balls with moss I had leftover from my moss covered letters. I had also placed some flowers in another thrifted brass candlestick holder. I apparently have a problem with using items for what they are actually intended for :)

Wedding Guest Book Quilt

Who doesn’t love cozying up with their loved ones under a super comfy quilt, especially when it’s filled with memories from your wedding? The third custom wedding guest book idea is a customized monogram photo quilt, and I was blown away with the quality of the photos!  Your guests can sign in the spaces between the photos, or even on the back of the quilt, but make sure to keep plenty of waterproof, permanent pens or markers on hand for guests to use.






Wedding Guest books don’t have to be something your guests sign and then you toss in a box to look at every so often. Why not use something you and your spouse can display in your home as a reminder of your special day, and the reason you got married in the first place? Thank you to Corina & Christian and to Facing the Lens Photography for your beautiful engagement photos! If you are looking for ways to personalize your wedding, don’t forget to stop by Shutterfly for some amazing ways to customize your big day, both during and after!

What do you plan to use for your wedding guest book? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Don’t forget to download the FREE Chalkboard Love Quote Printable here. 

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    Wow Katie, what great ideas for a wedding guest table! I especially love the wedding quilt idea. So glad I saw your link at the Twirl & Take A Bow party :) My daughter is getting married next summer so I walked away from your post with loads of ideas – thanks!

    • Katie @ A Handcrafted Wedding says

      I know, I love wedding quilts, and it’s something you can get a lot of use of after the wedding :) How exciting that your daughter is getting married! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the planning process!

    • Katie @ A Handcrafted Wedding says

      Thanks so much for the invite Shanice, I will definitely stop by on Friday :)

    • Katie @ A Handcrafted Wedding says

      Thanks Alexis! So funny that I haven’t even shown those curtains up in my office on my other blog. They are actually made from tablecloths and I think would be really fun to be used that way too! I am definitely a fan of wedding guestbook puzzles, especially the idea of kids putting it together later on. I think that would be so sweet and fun for them. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Katie @ A Handcrafted Wedding says

    Agreed! I wish I would have known about all of these amazing products when I was planning our wedding :)

    • Katie @ A Handcrafted Wedding says

      Thanks Laurel! I actually bought them off ebay because I wanted that specific color but you can find them in craft stores or online. They seem to be less expensive online and you can simply google “pom pom fringe” or “pom pom trim”. Hope this helps :)

    • Katie @ A Handcrafted Wedding says

      Sofia, I think that’s a great idea! Plus it would be easy to lay out and have guest sign it :)

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